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  • Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Miles: 2 plus firming session
  • Run Time: 65 min
  • Music Only Option: No

Introducing Leslie's new plan that asks for just 30 minutes a day for 30 days to get real results! Here's how easy the 30 days will be. 

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you'll burn BIG calories as you walk the Burn 30 program! It's Super-Charges fitness walking! 

Then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you'll build strength as you take on every major muscle group from shoulders to calves in the Firm 30 session! The goal is to make you leaner and more toned than ever! 

BURN 30: 30 minutes of non-stop cardio! The workout time flies by as the fast pace works to increase your overall calorie burn! You'll look forward to this 'exercise in disguise' that doesn't feel like a typical workout. Leslie and the super walkers make it a fitness event! The Warm Up Walk starts the session safely. Then it builds to a fat burning speed. The Cool Down Walk and Stretch complete the session. 

FIRM 30: 30 minutes of non-stop strength training! You'll use dumbbells to train the arms, back, chest, abs and lower body. You'll work on developing more lean muscle and boosting your metabolism - that means you burn more calories all day long because 'fit' muscle uses more energy to exist than un-fit muscle. 

  • Work out just 30 minutes a day for 30 days with this plan and accomplish incredible results!
  • Get increased energy, firmed muscles, improved overall health and a slimmer, more proportioned you!
  • Features the Burn 30 & Firm 30 training method. 

This is faster, smarter fitness! Designed to get results you can measure. Get ready for a 30 day experience that's like no other Walking based plan!

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