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  • Difficulty: All Fitness Levels
  • Miles: 3
  • Run Time: 75 min
  • Music Only Option: Yes

These walks are all designed around the beat of customized fitness music for a workout that can take you from starter speed all the way to a SUPER WALKER speed.

Start with the EASY BEAT MILE. This 20-minute, 3 mph walk is the perfect pace to get you started on your fitness journey.

Then move to the BRISK BEAT MILE. This 15-minute, 4 mph walk is a pace that is brisk enough to give you a big burn!

And finally, try the SUPER BEAT MILE. This 12-minute, 5 mph walk will have you walking--and burning--more like a runner!

  • Accomplish your goal of getting fit and boosting your calorie burn faster!
  • Learn the easy way to increase your speed and intensity.
  • Choose the right pace for you right now--whether that's an easy burn, a brisk burn, a super burn or all three in a row!
  • End your workout with a well-deserved, total body stretch. It feels SO GOOD!

Bonus Segment: After the burn...Tone your arms, thighs, and backend. Sculpt your waistline, strengthen your back and core muscles. 

The Steps to Miles® system is a registered trademark of Walk Productions, Inc.
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